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Fitness Fights Cancer!

We've heard the mantra so many times it has in many cases become meaningless: exercise is good for your health. Yeah, we know that, but how many of us spend waaaaay too much time in front of a computer or traveling for work or camped out with a good book? But the truth of the matter is that physical activity is *proven* to reduce risk of cancer, among other things, especially in women.The National Cancer Institute simply states that women who exercise 4 or more hours a week have a lower risk of breast cancer. A recently published study by the Boston University Medical Center which followed 44,000 African American women for 16 years demonstrated that women who engaged in exercise like aerobics, running, swimming, or even fast walking reduced their breast cancer risk by 25% compared to women who exercised less than an hour a week.

You don't need to run a marathon. You don't need to take up a new sport. The answer is pretty simple: just move. Now, you could join a gym (good idea), go for a fast walk (another good idea), hop on a treadmill at home (you've got this, right?), doesn't matter. Just find something you can do that you'll stick with.

Having a designated time to work out is a good way to keep yourself on track. Having a designated space that you look forward to being in is another. Try assigning a space in your home to be your own personal workout space. It doesn't have to be huge - just big enough for you and whatever equipment you choose to use. Choose just enough floor mats to make the space say, "MINE!" Look at our personal fitness mats and  fitness floor mats, then choose the right one for what you have in mind. Not sure what you need? We'll send you a sample so you can be sure before you purchase!

You don't have to believe fitness gurus, gym rats, or even bloggers (though we wish you'd make an exception in our case), but you can't refute science. And science says women have a better shot of living a breast cancer-free life with as little as 4 hours of exercise a week. What are you waiting for??

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