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Fitness at Home

Posted by admin on Dec 18th 2017

Putting a few EVA foam multi-purpose mats on the floor in a space at home is a great first step toward having your workout accessible any time you want it. Sure there are gyms open 24/7, but you have to pack up, get there, go home – you get the idea. Creating a designated space at home to do a good workout is a genuine act of self-care, and one you can easily afford.

Choose your favorite color of EVA foam mat and you’re halfway there already. Seriously, choosing the look you want is about the hardest part of getting your home gym set up. Pick a color and thickness that meets your needs – maybe even a couple of colors for a cool patterned look. Or if you like the studio look, try going with some wood grain EVA foam mats. With many grains and hues available, you’ll find one that matches your existing decor or one that transforms your space into an entirely new look.

EVA foam mats are hands-down the best choice for home gym flooring. The mats are water- and stain-resistant, so spills and sweat are cleaned up easily. General cleaning just means sweeping them off, then mopping or wiping down with a little mild detergent in water. Let them air-dry and they’re ready for your next workout. And in terms of caring for your body, these can’t be beat. With 3/8″ to 5/8″ of shock-absorbing EVA foam beneath you, impact from your workout on your joints will be less painful. You might just notice that you’re able to workout a little longer than you had before. They’ll make floor work like pilates, yoga, or body-weight exercises so much more comfortable. And when you’re not in agony, you’re going to do that extra set of reps. So the bottom line is that your flooring choice can truly make a difference in your workout and its results.

Fitness at home can be comfortable, affordable, and easy to maintain when you choose EVA foam flooring tiles for your foundation.