Fitness and Fitness Trackers

Posted by admin on Sep 13th 2015

Woman on exercise mat with fitness tracker

Wondering how we’re going to connect fitness mats and fitness trackers? There’s no comparison in price, mats can’t track how much sleep you got last night, and trackers are going to do nothing to make planks a little more comfortable. So what’s the connection?

When it comes to doing your workout, motivation (or lack thereof) is key, and both fitness trackers and our EVA foam mats can be great motivators. When you have a well-equipped space in your home that is specifically set aside for your workout, maybe in the basement, a corner of the family room, or maybe even the garage, you feel better about using it. It’s a place you enjoy spending time. And if you look forward to it, it’s more likely you’ll stick with it. Mats are motivators. Fitness trackers do essentially the same thing (with a few extra whistles and bells); they feed you information that motivates you to turn off the lights a little earlier, park a little further away from the entrance, and get your heart rate up during your workout. Whatever motivates you, whether a fitness tracker, a good instructor, or a great home gym, it’s worth it.

Having the right mats in your workout space can be as important as choosing the best fitness tracker for your lifestyle. Your motivator needs to be what you need it to be, no more and no less. If you do a lot of floor work or love the aerobic workout, we recommend our personal and aerobic mats. Extra padding, portability, easily cleaned – perfect. If you want to cover a larger space on the floor, consider our square, interlocking EVA floor tiles. Choose the thickness that will work best for you – maybe even consider our Tatami martial arts mats if your workout includes throws or grappling.

Keep yourself motivated to stay fit with high-quality, durable, and perfectly suited mats. They’ll cost a heck of a lot less than a fitness tracker!