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Exercise Mats for CrossFit

Posted by admin on Feb 16th 2015

woman lifting weights during crossfit workout

CrossFit has proven it’s no fad: athletes have been posting results on the CrossFit website for over six years. It definitely gets results for the die-hard trainees committed to it. One of the major criticisms of the movement is that it lends itself to injury, not unlike many other extreme sports and fitness programs. So if this is what you want to do, how do you maximize results while minimizing risk of injury? One of the best ways we know is to start with a safe, solid foundation: EVA foam mats.EVA foam lends itself perfectly to the CrossFit gym or home workout space because it is durable, protective of both athletes and floors, anti-fatigue, and can be customized to any space. Floors accommodating CrossFit activities must be able to handle intense cardio workouts in addition to supporting and cushioning seriously heavy weights. Our mats, which come in three different thicknesses, are comfortable and cushioning for cardio and aerobic training, and shock-absorbing and protective of existing flooring from barbells, kettlebells, and other heavy weights. The mats’ non-slip surface do the best job of protecting you from injury as you race through intense cardio and weight training.

All of We Sell Mats’ EVA foam mats are easily installed and taken apart. You can lay them out in one configuration, take them up, store or transport them, and re-install them repeatedly without compromising their durability or performance. This is perfectly suited to the CrossFit demands which call for a multitude of cardio and weight variations. Need to travel to a competition? Load up your floor and you won’t have to worry about compromising your safety or performance. When you’re done, the water- and chemical-resistant mats are easily cleaned with just a little water.

We Sell Mats’ EVA foam mats are hands-down the best mats for CrossFit. They can support and protect you through the tough cardio and weight-bearing activities, plus protect and preserve your home or gym floors from the damage and wear and tear of constant, intense use. Customize them to your space, whether home or gym, and discover the perfect fit of support, durability, and comfort.