EVA vs Concrete in Daycare Facilities

Posted by admin on Sep 4th 2015

daycare kids on floor

Have you listened to the floor of your daycare facility lately? Chances are, it’s moaning softly or wincing each time a toy or piece of furniture gets dropped on it. These floors see some of the toughest indoor action there is: a day in the life of a toddler. And not just one toddler, but tons of them. That’s a lot of action. Unless you want your flooring to give up the ghost prematurely, you’d better take some steps to protect it!

Many commercial daycare facilities are snugly nestled atop a good ol’ concrete slab. As a daycare provider, you know concrete and kids don’t mix, so what’s your solution? If you can afford constant carpet cleaning, you might opt for a commercial grade carpet, but who has extra money for that? To keep the floors and the kids’ heads in the best shape, cover the play areas with EVA foam mats.

Interlocking EVA foam mats are the perfect disaster mitigator. Really. While they won’t protect Emma from the wooden block Kavian just launched at her, they will protect her from the tumble she takes when she’s running around the room chasing him later. One head on a concrete floor means a trip to the ER. The same head on EVA foam likely means a few furious tears, maybe a juice box, then back to being a kid. And speaking of juice boxes, how many spills do you clean up each day? A carpeted surface will make sure you are reminded of each and every one with the lovely purple stains left behind. EVA foam mats can be mopped up, air dried, and they’re as good as new. And they’re only purple if you want them to be.

By this time you should be asking yourself how many you should order and how quickly can they get here? Not a problem – just calculate the square footage you’ll need, choose a color, and order! Not sure about the area you need? Give us a call – not only do we stock the best daycare flooring options available, we have the friendliest, most helpful customer service team you’ll find anywhere. And the icing on the cake? For a limited time, we’ll even cover the shipping costs on any 3/8” mats!

Save the Floors! Well, it’s probably not the next high-profile activist movement, but it should be a priority for your daycare facility!