EVA Foam Cosplay

Posted by admin on Jan 30th 2014

EVA Foam Cosplay

Cosplayers know, if you’re going to make a costume, you want to make it right, and among the various materials that have been used for making good pieces, EVA foam stands out for a few reasons. It’s often used in making sportswear, and for a lot of the same reasons, it’s also suitable for numerous applications in the cosplay world. So, let’s explore some of the things it can do for you and your outfit.

EVA Foam is Lightweight for Cosplay Design

It’s a lightweight, waterproof material, which makes it especially ideal for large conventions where there’s a lot of walking around involved, and potential exposure to rain and sweat. Odds are, you’re probably going to have some pretty elaborate stuff going on with the costume, and the last thing you want is for weather to damage it. EVA foam can be used for the bulk of a lot of costume parts, and its immunity to damage from the elements should keep it decently high on your list of possible materials to use.

EVA Foam is Cheap for Cosplay Design

Of course “cheap” is a relative term, but generally speaking EVA is an attractive material for cosplay design because it’s cheap and easy to shape. These factors are key for a lot of cosplayers, especially those who haven’t tried their hand at designing their own costume before. If you accidentally mis-cut a piece of EVA foam, it’s easily replaced, and its other physical attributes make it a lot more difficult to mess up with than, say, wood, or some other synthetic materials.

EVA Foam Looks Great for Cosplay

It looks great—it’s got a nice gloss to start with, so in some cases, you might be able to get it in the color you want and you won’t even have to paint it. That, by the way, ties back into the first point, because it won’t make a difference whether or not your material is waterproof if you had to paint it with something that isn’t. Also, this keeps you from having to deal with paints that start to smell in the heat, and since EVA foam is odorless, you can avoid the issue of smell entirely.

We love getting pictures from customers who have used our EVA foam for cosplay design and construction – feel free to send us yours!

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