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Designing a Home Gym with We Sell Mats

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Ready to design your ultimate home gym? Then look no further than We Sell Mats. Our pride and joy is our interlocking flooring mats that can be laid directly onto existing concrete, tile, or wood floors without any adhesives. They are easy to take up if you need to, and just as easy to reassemble with your evolving home gym requirements. Even if you purchase the best machines for your new and improved home gym, it won't be complete without suitable flooring. With our EVA foam mats and commercial flooring options, you can transform a space in your home into the perfect workout space for you and your family. Our mats offer reduced impact on the joints from high-intensity exercise by providing differing thickness and shock-absorption. Stretching on the floor can actually be more comfortable with our mats, and because the mats are so durable, they can handle even the weight of heavy-duty machines or free weights. Choose from 3/8", 1/2", or 3/4" mats, depending on your personal needs. Once you've chosen a thickness, it's time to choose a color. Since our mats come in so many hues, you'll have no problem finding one to match your existing decor.

Fitness mats for your home gym come in packs of 24 square feet - six 2'x2' mats with ten finished edge pieces. If you need smaller tiles, no problem. We also carry 12"x12" tiles. If your new home gym space is larger than 24 square feet, you can simply order another pack, additional single tiles, or choose our 100 square foot pack. We try to make it easy!

If your home gym is going to include weight lifting machines, we would recommend that you consider our commercial rubber mats. Again, no need for professional installation or adhesives, but these mats are crafted from recycled rubber to provide superior durability for weight machines and a non-slip surface for your floor.

Complete the perfect home gym or workout space with the best floor possible. Give us a call if you have questions about what would be best for your space. We pride ourselves on our customer service and are always happy to talk with you!

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