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Creative Indoor Play Areas

It can be hard to get into the headspace of a kid to design their perfect play area. For instance, with the advent of a certain augmented reality game, older kids might never want to play inside again. It’s a pretty safe bet that the parents of young gamers across the world are rejoicing, as they will never struggle to get their kids to play outside again. For the little ones who can’t yet wrap their hands around a smartphone, though, the world is full of bumps and tumbles, and so the ideal play area will have a forgiving floor that will allow them to take a few falls without too much discomfort.

For your play areas, we tend to recommend the interlocking EVA foam mats. These come in bright, fun colors, and wood grain as well so you can fit it to either your or your kid’s taste, depending on how many uses the room has. These are easy to install, easy to pack up, and probably easier to clean than whatever flooring you’ll put them on top of. They’re chemically resistant, so they can handle most cleaners with no trouble, and won’t absorb them and present a danger to the ones who are a little closer to the floor than we are.

We also carry a couple specialty items for play areas. We’ve got interlocking alphabet-and-numbers tiles, so you can turn your flooring into an educational toy as well. Then there’s a shoulder bag designed for foam tiles, which isn’t necessarily just for play area tiles, but it certainly makes it easier to move them from, say, a temporary daycare to home, to Grandma's house, to the vacation spot, etc. Lastly, be sure to check out jWay, a new mat-based, hopscotch-style game. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions; we’re always happy to help you figure out exactly how to design your perfect play area!

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