Creating the Perfect Home Martial Arts Studio

Creating the Perfect Home Martial Arts Studio

Posted by admin on Aug 4th 2017

With nothing more than some supportive, cushioned tatami finish martial arts mats, you can create a safe space in your home for a good martial arts practice or workout. Aside from hiring a professional teacher, there is really no other addition you need to make to ensure that your home practice area is safe for your extended practice. Bring what you’ve learned home from your studio or gym, and keep it going in safety.

The tatami finish on our martial arts mats is probably the key to their safety. When the original practitioners of the martial arts practiced, it was often on bare ground, but eventually practice evolved onto rice straw mats, or tatami mats. Of course these mats were thin and offered zero protection from falls or slips, but they did offer superior grip that bare ground didn’t. That’s why we’ve chosen to offer a tatami finish on our martial arts mats. The ribbed texture mimics the texture of the original rice straw mats, but with an added safety feature: they’re made from at least 1/2″ of EVA foam.

With EVA foam, your martial arts mats are padded and anti-fatigue, which means if you fall (and you will), you’ll likely be able to get right back up because the impact of your fall will be absorbed by the EVA foam. Don’t think even for a minute that you don’t need a little padding. When you’re at home practicing, a little padding can mean the difference between a trip to the emergency room and the ability to pop right back up and keep going. We’re not saying they’re fool-proof (and we use that term loosely), but they’re your best defense against accidents that can cut short your practice, whether temporarily or permanently. That’s probably a risk you’re not willing to take. And thankfully, you don’t have to.

Tatami finish martial arts mats come in three different thicknesses so you can choose which will be most appropriate for your practice. If you really like the feel of the ground beneath you but still want a little protection, then the 1/2″ martial arts mats are just your style. You’ll be sure-footed, able to launch attacks and balance securely while being assured that if something goes wrong, you still have some padding to absorb shock. If the idea of padding is a little more important to you, you might want to consider our 3/4″ martial arts mats. These have the same tatami finish, but with just a hair more padding. If kids are going to be using your mats or if you just insist on the maximum protection for yourself, our 1″ thick martial arts mats can’t be beat. Same ribbed texture – maximum padding. And finally, if you want to cover more space in less time, use the Jumbo martial arts mats. With 3/4″ of padding, these 40″x40″ mats will get your space covered quickly so you can get on the mats and begin your practice.

It’s easy to create the perfect home martial arts studio with nothing more than the commitment to do it and some tatami finish martial arts mats in the thickness of your choosing.