Common Sense Play Space Flooring

Posted by admin on Apr 2nd 2018

Have you ever thought about taking the play mats outside? You can do it – our EVA foam play mats are the perfect padding between your little ones and the hard patio surface. Takes just a second to connect them, and when outside time is done, just sweep them off and bring them back indoors. Now that’s a versatile play space!

Play mats protect floors and kiddos when they’re indoors, and they keep that protection on 100% when you take them outside. Little guys can get fingers caught between the wood planks of a deck and are definitely prone to splinters, so when you put the play mats down, you provide cushioning for when they fall, and a splinter-free space to grow and learn. If your outdoor surface happens to be concrete, that EVA padding is twice as important to prevent falls and other mishaps from becoming serious injuries.

Indoors and out, our EVA foam play mats are a great way to define the play area and make it safe. When you have a limited amount of space to give for the play space, the foam mats help give it dimensions – you can even set up a child-safe gate around it to keep the toys from spreading and the little ones from creeping into unsafe situations. When the kids learn that this is their space and associate it with comfort and fun, they’ll love to be there.

Our play mats are non-toxic, too, adding another layer of safety, indoors and outdoors. And because they’re water-resistant, if spills or even a little rain end up on them, you can just wipe them off and let them air dry. We don’t recommend leaving the mats outdoors for extended periods, because the elements can change the mats’ shape and ability to lock together securely, but for the duration of playtime, it’s a great idea. The kids get a comfy play space and you get peace of mind.

Play mats are the common-sense solution to play areas for little kids – and you’re loaded with common sense. We’ll see you on the check-out page…