Choose the Best Martial Arts Mats

Posted by admin on Sep 8th 2017

What do you see when you look at the martial arts mats in the studio where you take classes? Thin, slippery, and injury-inviting mats? Probably not. If you’re at a good studio, you see amply thick, sturdy, shock-absorbing martial arts mats that stay in place. If you’re really lucky, the martial arts mats are textured to provide extra traction. Many of our martial arts mats customers owns studios and use our martial arts mats to cover their floors. Here’s why you should follow their lead.

Tatami finish martial arts mats are made with five things in mind: flexibility in use, support, padding, traction, and affordability. Our martial arts mats are designed like all our other mats, with tabs on the edges, so they fit together snugly for a seamless look. If you’re putting them in a professional studio, the Jumbo martial arts mats are an excellent choice, because they cover more area quicker and more affordably. Both the Jumbo and regular martial arts mats are flexible enough to create a wall-to-wall flooring system or an island configuration. Straight edge pieces are provided to give the floor a professionally finished look. Need to reconfigure your space? Not a problem. Take the mats up, and simply re-install in their new configuration.

How supportive and padded are our martial arts mats? We offer three different thicknesses which correlate directly to the amount of support you want. If you are laying a floor for experienced users who don’t require much padding, our 1/2″ martial arts mats are a great place to start. You’ll have just enough padding to hopefully prevent injury, but with a solid feel of the ground beneath you. Our 3/4″ martial arts mats are slightly thicker with the same tatami finish to provide a little more padding with the same traction. If kids will be using the mats, or if you’re grappling or planning to spend a lot of time hitting the ground hard, our 1″ martial arts mats are the safest way to go. All the mats have the same ribbed tatami finish for superior traction and grip. All you have to do is decide on how much padding you need, then choose your mat size and color and place your order.

Now if you’re not sure which of our martial arts mats is going to be best for your situation, just give us a call. Our customer service staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to help you choose the right martial arts mats the first time. We want you to get it right so you can get on to the more important business of actually using the mats!