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  • Better Sales at the Trade Show

    Your trade show booth's floor might not be the first thing you think of when you try to imagine how to improve your trade show experience, but it can go miles for you in terms of attracting new customers to your booth. The right flooring system can make you and your staffers feel more energized, make your customers feel more welcomed, and give your product the backdrop it needs to really stand out. Continue reading

  • The Carpet and Wood Look in Your Business

    Adding some EVA foam carpet topped mats or wood grain mats to any area in your business brings warmth, elegance, and a little comfort to the whole environment. From offering anti-fatigue padding to tired employees' feet to spicing up the feel of a room, EVA foam flooring goes the distance for you, your business, and your bottom line. Continue reading

  • Giving Yoga

    You've been thinking about holiday gifts for awhile already, so have you considered the gift of a yoga mat? You know plenty of active people on your gift-giving list who would love an opportunity (or maybe an excuse) to give yoga a try. And with the right yoga mat, you may just help launch them into a lifetime of healthful activity. A better holiday gift there never was! Continue reading

  • Covering the Play Area

    Toys can take over a room faster than a rumor, but when you designate the play area with soft, comfortable play mats, you get a leg up on containing the sprawl. And they don't necessarily have to be the multi-color play mats, either, although the hues of those particular mats are fun and engaging for kids; your play mats can pop, blend, warm, or comfort, depending on the style you choose. And all the mats are soft to sit and play on, shock-absorbing to handle the occasional tumble, and easy to take care of.  Continue reading

  • Tribble in a Tutu

    Creating a comfortable, safe space for pet bunnies isn't a job everyone has, but if you have a furry friend at home and want to make that space, Tribble's experience on We Sell Mats' multi-purpose mats is a great way to see just how functional these mats can be in the care of your favorite lucky rabbit.  Continue reading

  • Your Young Gymnast's Best Friend - Nastia Liukin

    Choosing gymnastics equipment to encourage and motivate your aspiring young gymnast has never been easier, thanks to Nastia Liukin's full line of gymnastics equipment and apparatus. To tell your little tumbler you have confidence in her abilities, providing her with Nasti's practice balance beam or pre-school training bar will not only be a source of encouragement, but will motivate her to become just like the elite athlete. Continue reading

  • Premium Carpet-Top Mats Are the Best Solution

    If you have a living space or even an area at work you're considering covering in carpet, consider using our Premium Carpet-Top Mats. Why choose mats instead of professionally installed carpet? Wouldn't it be easier in the long run to have someone else install a single roll of padding and carpet? The short answer is "no," but let's explore why. Continue reading

  • The Best Defense...

    Even if you've never spent time on martial arts mats, you can finish the title of this blog entry. "The best defense is a good offense." The idea has been expressed for millennia, though the first person to use that exact phrase is unknown. But we're all familiar with the meaning: a proactive stance is often your best bet when it comes to defending yourself and others. Training in the martial arts is one of the most obvious applications of this theory, and is one that will serve you the rest of your life. We're here to help you get started. Continue reading

  • Warm, Safe, Comfortable Play Spaces

    Keeping the kids safe while they play may seem like an impossible task sometimes, but with EVA foam multi-purpose mats in their play space at home, you you'll have a little more peace of mind that you've done everything you can. We're not saying the mats will prevent every childhood injury, but the shock-absorbing nature of the mats definitely makes little tumbles and falls less threatening. Continue reading

  • The Trade Show Booth Conversation

    Your trade show both flooring might not be the most interesting topic of conversation, but if you consider enhancing your booth's appearance with some EVA foam multi-purpose mats or some elegant and classy wood grain foam mats, it just might become something that has a genuinely positive impact on your business. And that's worth a conversation. Continue reading

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