Better Floors for Home Daycare Providers

Better Floors for Home Daycare Providers

Posted by admin on Jan 15th 2016

EVA foam mats are probably the last thing on your mind as you strive to provide a safe, nurturing environment as a home daycare provider. But when it comes to keeping your own floors safe, making sure the little ones don’t hurt themselves when they fall, and cleaning up at the end of the day, a little thought in the flooring direction might save you a lot of headaches and make your home business that much better.

Our EVA floor mats are perfect for home daycare providers and the little peeps you care for. You’ve got your work cut out for you making sure the home is safe for children, and convincing parents of that important fact. Soft, supportive, and easily cleaned flooring can help you stay on top of your game without being exhausted at the end of the day. Our mats come in solid colors as well as wood grain finishes to make the play areas fun, attractive, or to just blend in while still being a better flooring solution. Our ABC 123 mats add an element of education for little guys, too. They can learn letters and numbers while they play – they won’t even realize they’re learning!

Play area mats come in different thicknesses, too, so if you’re dealing with kids who love to roughhouse, a thicker mat might be in order. If you just want a space that’s easy to clean, like under a high-chair, craft table, or even an outdoor porch, our 3/8″ mats will do just fine. Regardless of the thickness, all our mats are cleaned easily with just water, a little mild detergent, and a rag or mop. They’ll air-dry and won’t lose resiliency. Because they’re resistant to moisture, they won’t absorb stains the way carpet can. And crumbs sweep away quickly and easily.

Foam mats might not seem like a necessity in your home daycare setting, but we’re confident they will make your job easier, your kids happier, and their parents more relaxed. Give us a call if you need help choosing the best mats for your situation. We love to help!