Best Tumbling Mats for Learning a Back Handspring

Posted by admin on Jan 6th 2014

All gymnastics facilities have safety as a first priority which is why having the best tumbling mats is a must. Tumbling is a very complex sport that can be dangerous even for those with years of experience. That’s why the importance of having the right materials is crucial for everyone involved. As you learn different tumbling skills there are many steps you take to learn and work towards doing it on your own. Since there are so many skills you can learn as a tumbler there are different pieces of equipment that help you work are particular skills. The backhand spring is a desired skill to master in order to become a successful tumbler. Most people begin by learning the body positioning and rotation of the skill on a large octagon mat. This is a 3D octagon shaped mat that tumblers will practice a back handspring over until they are able to do it without the octagon as a crutch. Once they have mastered that, they will usually move on to a triangle tumbling mat which looks like a giant cheese wedge. Tumblers will practice their back handspring down the triangle mat because the slope helps give them momentum to complete the back-hand spring and land safely. Once they are able to do that successfully is when they learn it on a regular standard tumbling mat. Skills on a tumbling mat exceed far beyond just back handsprings. Tumblers continue to advance so having a good quality mat is extremely important for the safety of athletes. We don’t want to forget about the safety of our beginning tumblers. Learning forward rolls, cartwheels, handstand, etc. are all the stepping stone to learning a back-handspring and all require a safe tumbling mat as well.

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