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The Best Father's Day Gift

Any new dad will tell you there is absolutely no time for the gym. None. Between the job, making sure the new mom isn't going insane, and learning the ropes of parenthood, the gym becomes one of those things young, free-spirited, totally self-absorbed people do. And man, do you wish you were one of them.

Reality is a little different. You were once a gym rat, and not because you were a narcissistic playboy, but because you knew the value of a healthy body. It enables you to do the things you want to do. Nothing has changed there: you just have some new things to do, and they still require a healthy body.

Getting in a good workout is a little more of a challenge now that your schedule has changed, but it's still possible to keep in shape so the sweet little bundle of joy in your left arm while you type doesn't cause chronic tendinitis. And frankly, getting to the gym might have to take a backseat for a bit, but a home workout still produces results and gets those endorphins coursing through your body again so you feel like Super Dad, not the Red-Eyed Jelly-Legged Zombie from Planet Sleep-Is-For-The-Weak.

There are a million home workouts available for your use, but the one thing that's going to make them all feel more intentional and make sure you feel like you've had a good, safe, and productive workout is your workout space. It doesn't have to feel exactly like the gym, but if it gives you a sense of defined purpose and makes you really want to carve out 10 or 20 or 30 minutes of your day for keeping yourself in good condition, then it's working the right magic. Plenty of room, access to equipment, and a sturdy surface on which to workout will make your precious few minutes the most productive they can be.

Share this blog with those folks in your life who have no idea what to get you for Father's Day and say, "The folks at WeSellMats think it would be a great idea if you got me some EVA floor mats for my workout." (This is a guaranteed sell since no one knows what to get a first-time dad.) "In fact," you say with a deeply thoughtful look on your face, "I think if you look specifically at their fitness mats page, you'll find exactly what would make me the happiest dad in the world." Just try to act surprised when you unwrap it.

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