Be There - Or Your Competition Will

Posted by admin on Oct 13th 2014

Have you ever done a trade show – you know, those big expos at the civic center or university auditorium where you set up your little folding table, your product display, maybe a banner, and then hope like heck some people stop and ask you about your product? Might seem like a lot of work for a questionable return, but the fact is, if you don’t show up, your competition who does show up will make the contacts and get the business.  We’re here to increase your odds. Though you might think WeSellMats is in the business of selling mats (oh…um – yeah, we are, but…), we’re also in the business of helping you improve your business! Trade shows are notorious for being a crapshoot. Your location in the expo, the space you have available, proximity to competitors, how far people have to walk to get to you – all these things conspire against you and may be the determining factors in whether your experience is a success or not. We’re here to help make sure every trade show you attend attracts potential customers, keeps them in your booth, and sends them away with good feelings, maybe your product under their arm, and memories of a positive experience in their thoughts. How can a flooring website do all this? So glad you asked!!

Your product has to be the reason they come to your booth, but folks will be drawn by an attractive display and energized, passionate, and inviting sales people. So let’s break it down: if your display is just a table on a concrete floor, you’re going to attract just as many folks as your competition, and your staff are going to be fatigued in just a few hours from standing on the hard surface. Put some unusual wood grain EVA foam mats under your whole booth, and passersby will take notice, maybe step toward you and unknowingly onto a soft, forgiving surface that is a relief even to their tired feet. These potential customers will be greeted by sales people who have an edge on the competition because they’ve been comfortably maneuvering around a 3/8″ thick foam flooring surface all day and have as much energy at 4:00 as they did at 10 that morning. Starting to get the picture?

Determine your space and order mats accordingly. It’s that simple. The mats snap quickly into place with our interlocking tabs and are undone, packed up and moved just as easily. Store them for next time or use them in the store; either is possible because the mats are so versatile. We want to help you make your product as attractive as possible by providing the foundation for a fabulous trade show booth. Let us send you a free sample of our mats so you can see for yourself how they can make a truly remarkable aesthetic difference. Stand out from the crowd. Stand above your competitors. Stand on EVA foam mats at your next trade show and enjoy the competitive edge!