Back to School? Back to Everything!

Back to School? Back to Everything!

Posted by admin on Jul 10th 2017

As the kids are preparing to go back to school, now is the time to make sure you have everything you’ll need, including those tumbling mats for all the pent-up energy they’re going to need to expend when they get home from class. Sure, the first few days might be fun, but as they settle into routine, they’ll need to get the wiggles out once they get home. And of course, that’s exactly the time you will be wanting a little rest. Haul out some tumbling mats and let the roughhousing begin!

Tumbling mats aren’t just for gymnastics practice, though of course that’s what they’re intended for. Tumbling mats are also forts, tents, wrestling mats…just about anything your child’s imagination can come up with. The best thing about these versatile tumbling mats is that they do one thing really well: protect the kids. When the wrestling gets a little out of hand, or the launch off the couch doesn’t end in a perfect “10,” the tumbling mats do their job by cushioning the blow that will come to the knees, bum, or head. Not saying they can keep your kids 100% safe (not even you can do that!), but they will do the job for which they were intended by absorbing shock and putting a little padding between your kid’s noggin and the hard floor.

Now if you have a young gymnast or tumbler, you already know how valuable the tumbling mat is. When the little ones come home from tumbling class and want to show you their latest iteration of the somersault, the tumbling mats are there to protect and pad. If your older gymnast wants to continue her practice at home between classes, the tumbling mat allows her to do that in safety (while you’re keeping an eye on her). And because the mats have Velcro edges, you can always attach two or more together should you need more space.

So while you’re out picking up school supplies, don’t forget about the tumbling mats. We’ll deliver them right to your door and they’ll be ready for the kids once the first day of classes are done. We can’t guarantee your kids will make better grades because of the tumbling mats, but they will definitely become part of physical education that will help keep the body challenged as well as the mind.