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Are Your Martial Art Mats Good Enough?

Are Your Martial Art Mats Good Enough?

Posted by admin on Mar 19th 2018

If you describe your martial arts mats as “good enough” for what you’re doing, chances are, they’re not good enough for what you really need. We tend to skimp on equipment when the budget is tight, but when your safety and the longevity of your martial arts practice are at stake, “good enough” just isn’t. The good news is that you can afford the best martial arts mats your practice and your well-being demand. Take a look.

Martial arts mats are the key to making sure you can practice at home whenever you want and ensuring your body is well-protected when you do choose to practice. You don’t practice on a hard floor with no protection, and sometimes, practicing on cheap martial arts mats isn’t any better. That’s why you should look at the martial arts mats we’re proud to offer. Our mats are made from EVA foam, a shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue material that will help make sure you can get up easily when you do go down. You can choose your thickness, knowing that your style of practice will determine the amount of protection you need. Go for the thickest martial arts mats possible when kids are going to be using the mats, but if you’re a seasoned martial artist, you might appreciate a more immediate feel of the earth beneath you and choose a mat that offers that. Either way, you’re going to have an EVA foam surface to take the edge off and make sure you can practice as long as you want.

Our martial arts mats have a Tatami finish on their surface. This ribbed texture is much like the Tatami rice straw mats for which they are named. The ribbing increases the surface area your hands and feet can grab, which means increased traction, stability, and balance in practice. When a slip can mean the difference between mastery and defeat, you’ll appreciate the competition-style texture that keeps you at the top of your game.

The best news is that it doesn’t require a lot of martial arts mats to create a practice area in your home, and since you won’t need many, you won’t need to pawn your clothes in order to be able to afford them. We think safety in martial arts is of paramount importance, so our martial arts mats are affordable for any budget. Don’t settle for good enough where your safety is in question – get the best martial arts mats at an affordable price and relish the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re practicing on the safest surface possible.