Affordable Home Gym Flooring

Posted by admin on Sep 11th 2017

If your home fitness┬ároutine has moved from your home workout space to helping neighbors clean up storm damage, we salute you. When you’re ready to get back to crunches and weight lifting, we’re here to make it a little easier. After all that neighborliness, you deserve it. Our EVA foam multipurpose mats are supportive, shock-absorbing, and water-resistant. And they feel just plain awesome to walk on.

EVA foam is the stuff your flip-flops are made from, so when you turn that into an entire fitness flooring system, you know the comfort you’ll feel. In fact, the foam mats come in different thicknesses so you can choose which is going to suit your space and your workout needs best. If you’re into functional fitness or plyometrics, imagine the relief to your joints when all that shock from impact is absorbed by the floor instead of radiating through your entire body. And speaking of floors, do you want to protect yours from the dropped weights? Our EVA foam mats can’t be beat in a home gym setting for this. We do have commercial rubber mats as well, if your floors require extra protection from heavy workout equipment like treadmills and universal systems.

Probably one of the most appealing aspects of our home fitness flooring system is that you can install it yourself in just minutes. You don’t have to hire a professional to do it. Each mat has tabbed edges, like a puzzle piece, so they snap together snugly for a beautiful fit, whether you’re installing wall-to-wall or in an island configuration. Straight edge pieces are included so you have a professional, finished look. You may want to consider the addition of some carpet tape on the underside of the mats at the seams for added protection against slippage, especially if you’re not going wall-to-wall. But the really great part is that if one of the mats becomes damaged, you don’t have to replace the entire home gym floor. Just pull up the damaged mat and replace it with a new one!

Home fitness centers can be small and simple, or huge and pricey, but either way your home gym floor can be affordable.