Adult-Friendly Playrooms for Kids

Posted by admin on Nov 15th 2014

woman playing with baby

Stay with us on this – it actually does make sense. How many times have you heard, “Will you play with me???” And of course it’s right at the moment when it feels like if you do anything but blink and breathe you’re going to collapse. But kids aren’t aware of adult needs the way adults are aware of theirs. Fortunately, We Sell Mats has your back. And your backside.
Playing with kids can be an exhausting exercise in repetition, patience, and well, exercise. Have you ever tried making all the movements a toddler makes?! So when you do have the time and energy to give to a doe-eyed little kid begging for you to play, you’d better believe you’re going to be spending some serious time on the floor. The question is, what kind of floor is going to be one the kids can play on without worrying about stains, falls, or splinters, while at the same time be one that Mom or Dad is going to be willing to spend time sitting on to play with the kids? The answer is obvious: EVA foam flooring!

If you already have a playroom designated in your home, the addition of EVA foam mats to this space will make it even more inviting to the kids. It’s soft, kind of squishy like a flip-flop, but firm enough to support furniture, rough-housing, and really cool, tall towers of blocks. EVA mats also allow just enough cushioning to be inviting to sit on. You can lie comfortably waiting for the royal kiss to awaken you from your enchanted sleep (who hasn’t used that one to grab a few z’s??), assume a tiger-like crouch to await the attacking aliens around the corner, build a windy track for the train, or clear some space for a little free-style cubs vs. Papa Bear wrestling. Our mats give you just the right amount of cushioning and support to make playing with the kids something you can look forward to.

Play spaces aren’t just for kids, because – let’s face it: their favorite toy is you. Make a play space that you both enjoy being in. Choose from a multitude of colors and styles and make the space yours. Your kids will love it and you’ll be glad you opted for an adult-friendly playroom!