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A Mat for Every Body: Every Body Needs A Mat!

Posted by admin on May 12th 2015

people engaged in fitness

It’s almost summertime!! You know, that season preceded by a round of intense workouts to get ready for the beach?! While we can’t give you the physique you’ve always dreamed of, we *can* offer you a helpful, comfortable, and affordable way to start getting your summer bod on.To make the most of any workout, whether a cram-session of HIIT workouts to slim down fast or a committed daily routine of lifelong fitness, a soft, supportive mat underneath your feet will help you last as long as your workout needs you to. Think about it: if your joints ache after 10 minutes of burpees and squats, you’re probably not going to find the motivation to keep going. But with 3/8″ or even 1/2″ of EVA foam between you and the floor, absorbing shock and putting just enough cushioning where it counts, you’ll be able to complete the whole workout and look forward to the next one!

For many of our fitness customers, the 3/8″ mats are ample cushioning for their workouts. Crunches, planks, push-ups, and Yoga are easily tolerated on these mats. For higher impact or intensity workouts where the mats may shift or where your body is going to require some extra TLC (like plyometrics or martial arts workouts), our 1/2″ mats are important. If you’re going to push your body to the max, you’re going to need a mat that will support you and help prevent injury. Don’t skimp here – get the thicker mat and your body will thank you!

All our EVA foam mats, whether 3/8″ or 1/2″, connect via interlocking tabs, kind of like a puzzle, so you can configure your workout space exactly the way you want it. When you order your mats, they’ll come with many finish pieces so your space can have a nice, finished look. In fact, they’ll look so nice, you’ll probably consider putting the mats in other areas of your home, too! Once you’re ready to install the mats, you’ll notice you don’t need to put anything underneath them. They can be placed directly on any hard-surfaced floor. And they’re so easy to install, you can do it yourself in very short time!

So you’ve got the mats down, you’ve done a few workouts, and you’re loving your new floor. You want it to stay brand new forever, so how do you take care of it? It’s so easy!! Just sweep it off, then clean with some water and a little mild detergent, maybe a mop. Not kidding – it’s that simple. And because the mats are interlocking, you can change the configuration of your workout space and the floor will change with you!

Your body deserves to be well-cared for. It’s the only one you’re going to have, so do it a favor and put some soft, solid mats down for your workout routines. Get the best mat for your body and get ready to enjoy your summer!