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A Home Martial Arts Studio is a Great Idea

A Home Martial Arts Studio is a Great Idea

Posted by admin on Feb 22nd 2018

If you’ve ever tried to show off a form or technique you were still in the process of perfecting on a hard surface floor or carpet and had the misfortune to wipe out in the process, you probably quite swiftly became aware of the importance of the martial arts mats that cover the floor of your dojo. If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid it so far, that probably means you’re practicing enough. But the further along you get, the more practice it’s going to take, and the more contact with the floor you’re likely to have. For the times when you can’t be in the martial arts studio, why not create a mini studio of your own at your place?

High-quality Tatami finish martial arts mats are among our most popular products for just that reason. You’ll be pressed to find any athlete who doesn’t own some of their own gear, even if place they practice provides some of the same stuff. It’s an extremely useful thing to be able to practice whether the studio is open or not, and our interlocking tatami finish martial arts mats will enable that. You can buy just as many as you need to fill the space you need to fill, whether it’s a whole room or just part of it, and you can buy them in different thicknesses depending on how much give you prefer. If the martial artist in your life is a little one, a thinner mat will provide cushion for the inevitable falls without being so squishy as to make it harder to move. If you’re a practicing adult, a thicker mat might be the better option.

When you started martial arts, you made a choice between the myriad different styles, and you picked the one that was right for you—there’s no difference with the martial arts mats. You’ve got a lot of options, and we’re here to help you find exactly what you need to accelerate your skills in your home. Studios have to close sometimes. That doesn’t mean you have to make sacrifices in your practice.