The Best Mats for ________ (workout of your choice)

Posted by admin on Jul 9th 2014

Have you been to the gym lately? There are about as many unique fitness classes offered as there are members in the gym! Someone gets an idea: “Hey, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could turn ________ (your favorite hobby) into a workout?” The result is fitness activities that appeal to just about everyone. Many of the indoor workouts involve weights or specialized equipment, but many are appealing simply because they use nothing but your own body weight. Regardless of the props, the surface under your equipment and your feet is going to make a difference in how you experience whatever workout you choose.

We would argue (surprise!) that a sturdy, EVA foam mat is a must for every indoor fitness activity, whether in the gym or at home. Whether you’re channeling your inner Dave Grohl in a Pound workout, crouching and springing in a truly unique Animal Flow workout, or doing it all in a full-on cross-fit course, support and cushioning for your feet, hands, joints, and any other body part that hits the floor is essential. Think about it: the longer you can work out without injury or chronic stress in the joints or muscles, the longer you’re going to stay fit and healthy. No brainer.

There are thousands of workouts tailored to appeal to everyone, but fortunately there’s really only one fitness flooring system you need. With We Sell Mats, you can customize the size of your floor mats to cover the area you need. Made from durable EVA foam, the mats are easily cleaned and will last as long as your interest in being fit. So go ahead. Pound. Step. Jump. Dance. We can take it.