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3 Great Home Exercises for Legs

Posted by admin on Jun 15th 2013

Leg exercises are one of the most important parts of any workout regimen, and they’re among the easiest to do at home. Leg exercises often burn more calories than any other type of exercise because the legs have the largest muscle groups – it takes more energy to move them. So, where should you start? Here are a few leg exercises that just require you and your legs (and a comfortable exercise mat, of course),so they’re easy to do at home, and don’t require a gym membership or shelling out for expensive exercise equipment.


Squats are simple and super-easy to do at home, but extremely effective exercises for legs. If you’re afraid of losing your balance, you can always use two chairs or something else on either side of you to keep from falling over, just be careful not to allow yourself to use them to support your weight. These are one of the simplest leg exercises that you can do and still get a very tangible effect. A lot of people like squats for that reason – the results are visible, and you can do them almost anywhere without a whole lot of preparation at all.


Careful with these, because they can put a lot of strain on your joints, particularly the knees, if they’re done incorrectly. Make sure your form is correct, and lunges might become your favorite exercise. Not only do they quickly begin to sculpt your legs and backside, they’re a good way to train your balance, which may not really be a muscle, but it can be exercised and trained like one. Again, these don’t require anything but motivation, so they’re ideal for the home. Although lunges technically don’t require any equipment, might we recommend a nice padded exercise mat in case you lose your balance?

Calf Raises

This can be done on a step-aerobics platform, but a stair step works just as well, and you’ve usually got a handrail to help you keep your balance if you need it. These, as you probably could have guessed, are a great exercise for the calves – you’ll definitely feel it like crazy if you’re a beginner, but you’ll appreciate it when you start to see the difference they make.

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