Life on the Yoga Mat

Life on the Yoga Mat

Posted by admin on Sep 2nd 2015

Seems like there are almost as many styles of yoga mats as there are people practicing yoga. How are you supposed to choose the one that’s going to be best for you? Have no fear, we’re here to help!When you practice yoga, you have more contact with the floor than anything else, and a good yoga mat is going to help you keep your practice going long and strong. Where you begin your practice is going to have a lot to say about what kind of mat to choose. If you’re a beginner, you’re probably thinking the thickest mat is the best option. This could be true, especially if you have issues with sitting or standing on hard surfaces for any length of time. Extra padding, like the kind you’ll find in our 5mm and 8mm yoga mats, can be the extra quality you’re looking for to make your introduction to yoga the most comfortable. That said, sometimes extra padding can rob you of your ability to balance, something you’re really going to need to develop!

Our 3mm yoga mat is the most slender of all our mats, and is the choice of many yogis and other experienced yoga practitioners. While it offers just enough padding for the hands, feet, and other parts that come in contact with the floor, it allows you to feel all the way into the floor for the best balance and stability possible.

A life spent on the yoga mat is one lived fully, so choosing one that fits your style and personality can go a long way in making you look forward to and embrace your yoga time. That’s why we carry several Gaiam® mats with prints you won’t find elsewhere. You’re unique, your practice is unique, so why shouldn’t your mat match that individuality?

Choose your yoga mat carefully and you’ll discover hours of exhilaration and relaxation in one lifelong practice.