101 Uses for Commercial PVC Floor Tiles

Posted by admin on Mar 11th 2015

warehouse exam room fitness center and garage

Did that say “101?” It’s supposed to be “10.1.” You know, like a Letterman Top 10 List, only with just a little bit more. What is PVC, you ask? It’s a heavy duty, unusually resilient synthetic plastic polymer. In fact, it’s so resilient, you can park cars, tractors, warehouse shelving, or even multiple sets of barbells and weight machines on it. This is the flooring that can take it all.We Sell Mats is certainly known for our outstanding line of EVA foam mats, with interlocking tabs for easy installation in your bedroom, family room, playroom, or home gym. Good news: our commercial PVC tiles are also interlocking so you don’t have to pay a professional to install them, nor do they require messy, toxic adhesives. This means if your needs change, so can the configuration of your tiles! They are easily cleaned and maintained with just a little water and mild detergent; no abrasive or corrosive chemicals are ever required to keep them clean and in great shape. In fact, these tiles are resistant to most oils and chemicals.

So the 10.1 uses:

  1. Garages
  2. Warehouses
  3. Community centers
  4. Exam rooms
  5. Fitness centers
  6. Salons
  7. Automobile showrooms
  8. Classrooms
  9. Studios
  10. Outbuildings

And the .1? Any place you want a little extra anti-fatigue support for your feet. Be creative!