Crochet & Knitting Blocking Mats with Grids

Make your knitting job easier with We Sell Mats™ blocking mats with grids. Our set of 9 interlocking 12”x12” blocking mats are made from waterproof EVA foam and feature a 1” grid printed surface for easy pinning for your crochet and knitting projects. You’ll love how easy these blocking mats are easy to piece together for a total surface area of 36”x36” for larger projects.

What is Blocking Your Knitting?

Blocking your knit pieces is the process of steaming or wetting your final pieces of knitting to set the finished size and even out the stitching. It is generally recommended to use a flat surface to block garments so they can lie flat and fully dry to set your shape. Our knitting blocking mats and blocking mats for crochet give you a consistently smooth and flat surface every time, and oru blocking mats with grids help you keep your pieces as even as they are flat.

Benefits of Knitting Blocking Mats With Grids

Blocking mats with grids make knitting easier and more accurate. Our blocking mats for crochet and knitting provide a waterproof surface for blocked on pieces to dry. Use these blocking mats for a durable and reusable pinning surface. Many knitting connoisseurs believe blocking your knitting projects is the essential final step in finishing your project and should not be skipped.

Cheers to Ewe Blocking Mats With Grids

We Sell Mats “Cheers to Ewe” blocking mats help you complete your knitting and crochet projects easily and with more accuracy. Blocking mats measure 12”x12” and are ½” thick. We’ve numbered our knitting block mats 1-9 so you can easily put them together to create an even and consistent 36”x36” blocking surface. Individual 12”x12” blocking mats work great for small projects, while piecing all 9 blocking mats together work great for a larger project.

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    Cheers to Ewe Blocking Mats with Grids

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