Anti-Fatigue Mats

For all of your anti fatigue floor mat needs, look no further than We Sell Mats™! We carry an incredible selection of anti fatigue home gym mats, mats for kitchens and play rooms, garage and basement floor mats and commercial flooring mats. Whether you’re looking for thick multi-purpose mats, trade show flooring mats, or simply lightweight exercise mats for occasional use, We Sell Mats™ is your one-stop shop for high quality residential and commercial anti fatigue mats. 

Anti Fatigue Mats For Home

Modern farmhouse, traditional carpet-top, or fun colors for the kids. You name it, We Sell Mats™ has it! Choose from a wide variety of anti fatigue mats to match any space. With our Forest Floor® printed foam mats and farmhouse collection, you’ll get that hardwood look at a fraction of the cost and with a softer and more forgiving feel! Forest Floor® anti fatigue floor mats are available in faux wood grain patterns to create the appearance of hardwood, slate, mahogany, cork or bamboo, and work well in living rooms, playrooms, basements and more!

Our thick multi-purpose anti fatigue mats are ideal for kids playrooms and workout spaces. Choose from bright, bold anti fatigue mats or classic blacks, browns and whites, depending on the look you’re going for. We carry multi-purpose anti fatigue mats in ⅜”, ½”, ¾” and 1” thicknesses so you’ll never have a problem finding the perfect mats for your space or intended use.

If you’re looking to create a home workout space that wows your guests, consider our VELOTAS® diamond pattern foam or rubber-topped foam anti fatigue floor mats. These mats are high-density, low impact anti fatigue mats designed to handle bodyweight exercises and heavier equipment (rubber-topped foam mats only). The diamond textured grip means enhanced stability to prevent hands or feet from slipping. Rubber topped anti fatigue floor mats are designed with a dual-layer design featuring high-density EVA foam on the bottom for cushioned support.

Commercial Anti Fatigue Mats

For anti fatigue mats for commercial spaces, look no further than We Sell Mats™ commercial rubber flooring. This rubber flooring is available in rolls or interlocking tiles depending on the quantity needed or intended purpose. Interlocking rubber mats, for example, easily assemble and come apart for anti fatigue mats that are easier to move around. These 100% recycled rubber anti fatigue mats are available in black, blue, gray, green, red, white and yellow speckled designs so you can create a professional looking commercial gym with a color scheme you love. 

Anti Fatigue Mats Accessories

No anti fatigue floor mat set is complete without our Pirate Anchor™ double sided tape and trade show carry case for foam tiles! Our double sided tape is easy to apply and leaves behind no residue, giving you a strong adhesive stick without the yucky mess of traditional double sided tapes. If you plan to take your anti fatigue mats on the go, be sure to grab one of our trade show carrying bags, which makes transport a cinch for foam floor tiles.