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4 foot by 8 foot gymnastics tumbling mats all colors
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4' X 8' Gymnastics Tumbling Mat - 9 Color Options

$158.99 - $195.99
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Product Description

4’ X 8’ Gymnastic Mats For Home or Studio

As the parent or coach of a gymnast, you're always on the lookout for gymnastics mats offering the best combination of durability, style, value, and safety. With We Sell Mats™ 4’x8’ gymnastics mats, that’s all you’ll get!

With our 4’x8’ tumbling mats, your little gymnast or cheerleaders will have a safe and supportive gymnastics mat to support every tumble, flip, and stretch they perform as they improve their skills and coordination.

Long-Lasting Durability

The long-lasting durability of our 4’x8’ gymnastics tumbling mats is consistent from the inside out. An advanced crosslink polyethylene foam mat core gives just the right balance of padding and stability; heavy-duty 18oz vinyl stands up to repeated runs, rolls, flips, and yes, even falls. Meanwhile, a super-strong stitching and a full-perimeter border make joining multiple 4’x8’ folding panel mats together simple, helping you create a tight fit over whatever flat, hard area you need to cover.

In fact, the durability of these mats is also ideal for bed fall prevention for the elderly and for sensory play and physical therapy for children.

Styles They Want, Protection They Need

We all know that the durability and cost of the tumbling mat matter to parents and coaches, but gymnasts and cheerleaders care just as much about the look of the mat. That's why we've built a deep inventory of different combinations of size and color for our 4’x8’ gymnastics tumbling mats, allowing you to choose from the 1.5" or 2.0" thickness in multiple color combinations for a look they’ll love.

They’ll also love being able to choose a tumbling mat for sale that matches their school or team colors, the favorite color of their idol gymnast, or a color that looks great in the home.

In solid colors, we offer black, blue, pink, purple, and red mats. Meanwhile, our 4’x8’ gymnastics mats fold into four panels, so we also offer a selection of two-color mats, including lime green/blue, purple/pink, red/black, white/pink, and yellow/blue. Or, if your gymnast wants lots of color, they will appreciate our multi-color rainbow panel mat with a different color in each panel: green, red, yellow, and blue. Need a mat bigger than our standard 4’x8’ tumbling mat? Then you should check out our 5’x10’ Gymnastics Mats!

Keep your gymnast or cheerleader in shape no matter where they are with the high quality, long-lasting, and durable 4’x8’ gymnastics mats from We Sell Mats™!


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