3/4" thick martial arts mats stacked all colors
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3/4" Thick Martial Arts Mats

SKU: TM24X1-20M
  • You can mix/match colors
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Number of tiles: 0 *Tiles measure 19.7" x 19.7". To achieve exact rug or room dimensions tiles may need to be cut.
Product Description

¾” Thick EVA Tatami Mat

The We Sell Mats™ 3/4" thick EVA tatami mats are made from high-density, shock-absorbing EVA foam. Designed with an authentic tatami textured surface, EVA tatami mats are ideal for high-intensity activities and practicing advanced skills without fear of slipping.

Each EVA tatami mat measures 24" x 24", is 3/4" thick, and comes with two removable borders per mat. Mats are also extremely easy to cut to size using a utility knife with a new sharp blade. Choose from color options of black, blue, gray, and red, or mix and match colors for a custom look.

When To Use EVA Tatami Mats

Our ¾” thick EVA tatami mats offer a padded, supportive surface ideal for yoga, Pilates, tumbling, boxing, kickboxing, and several martial arts disciplines. The ¾” thickness of our EVA tatami mats also helps support the body by reducing knee, leg, and back strain experienced during various workouts or specialty training routines. ½” and 1” thick EVA tatami mats are also available for purchase.

Although many customers use EVA tatami mats and foam tiles in their garages for various purposes, including martial arts practice areas, please note that they cannot be driven on or parked on. You can easily install EVA tatami mats over any hardwood, vinyl, tile, or hard surface using double-sided floor tape. Never install EVA tatami mats over carpeted surfaces. For additional padded support, consider our standard interlocking EVA foam floor mat tiles.

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