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  • Returning to Yoga

    When you've not spent enough time on your yoga mat, what motivates you to return? Stiffness, weakness, fatigue? No matter the reason that compels you to return to yoga, having a yoga mat that welcomes you and makes you feel comfortable is a great way to kick-start your return to the practice. Continue reading

  • Yoga Mat Envy

    You know you've got a great yoga mat when your instructor asks to look at it and says, "That's really nice! Where'd you get it?" You happily tell her that you bought it from this place online called We Sell Mats. Then you tell her how little you paid for it. She freaks out a little bit and says, "What was the name of that website again??" Continue reading

  • How Yoga Changes the Mind (and Body)

    "If yoga were taught in K-12, there would be peace on Earth." That's quite the statement, but a real one spoken by a yoga teacher at her evening class. Is she right? We have no doubt. When a child is taught from a very young age how to focus her mind, how to control his body, and how to concentrate on breathing as an empowering and calming tool, and how to see the intrinsic value in others, it's impossible to think otherwise. Try it for yourself: get your kids a yoga mat and a good teacher and watch. Continue reading

  • Get Ready to De-stress

    Nothing can help you de-stress, get grounded, and feel like you can handle this than spending some quality time on a yoga mat. Whether you're finishing up finals, doing year-end inventory, or hosting 500 relatives for the holidays, the comfort of a yoga mat can't be beat. Continue reading

  • Yoga Mat Clearance!

    Who would have thought Gaiam yoga mats at We Sell Mats would be priced so low just before Christmas? What a deal! The mats are ridiculously reduced for quick sale and delivery so you can give a gift that encourages a healthy body and spirit.  Continue reading

  • Get a Grip

    Have you ever felt like your yoga mat was out to get you? When you transition between poses, it bunches or curls; when your hands and feet are sweaty, you're afraid you'll end up doing a faceplant because you can't grip the mat well enough. We're happy to tell you that no longer needs to be on your list of things to be concerned about! Continue reading

  • Which Yoga Mat to Choose??

    If you are on a quest for the yoga mat that will fit you and your practice perfectly, you have no need to look for yoga mats anywhere else than right here at We Sell Mats. We have yoga mats for every type of yoga, every budget, and every level of practice. Let us introduce you to our full line of yoga mats. Continue reading

  • Think You're Not Fit for Yoga?

    For many, the thought of rolling out a yoga mat seems pointless. "I can't even touch my toes, how do you expect me to do yoga?" "The image of me in yoga pants should be criminalized." "I'm old enough to be your grandfather - what makes you think I could bend into a pretzel?" Yeah, we've all heard the reasons not to do yoga, but frankly, the people who feel incapable of doing yoga are exactly the people who could benefit most from it! Continue reading

  • It's Never Too Soon for Fitness Mats

    They say it takes about 30 days to establish a habit, so with the holiday season around the corner, there’s no better time to pick up some fitness mats and start a routine than today. Think of it as a preemptive strike on all the Halloween-themed candy that’s going to be like 60% off in about 23 days. After that, it’ll be mere weeks before Thanksgiving. It’s really anyone’s guess which of the two holidays does more damage to a waistline, but a delicious abundance of food is the common denominator between the two. Establish good exercise habits now, and enjoy the sweets, stuffing, and pumpkin spice without hesitation later. Continue reading

  • If You Give a Kid a Yoga Mat...

    Next time your child's school is doing a fundraiser, why don't you suggest doing a fundraiser for yoga mats for the kids? Kids who do yoga have increased self-discipline, are more mindful, and perform better academically. How much is that worth? How about 20 bucks? If every kid in the school got to practice yoga and meditation a few days a week, you might just have to get rid of the detention room! Continue reading

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