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  • Martial Arts for Keeping Up

    Winter is off-season for a handful of sports, but it’s an excellent time to pick up martial arts if you’re not already into them. If you’re into a sport that isn’t really suited for outdoor practice in the snow or cold weather, you’ve got to find some way to stay on top of your game while you’re waiting for the sun to come back out. A lot of sports work pretty specific muscles and you need a particular range of motion for them. So, in order to stay on top of that kind of stuff, you need an indoor exercise routine that provides the kind of whole-body workout that can be difficult to achieve with a typical gym routine. Enter martial arts. Continue reading

  • Something New

    If you're already thinking about New Year's resolutions, may we suggest considering taking up an active hobby like martial arts? Of course training with someone qualified is a must for safe and correct form, but you can continue your practice at home, even in a small space, with some supportive and affordable martial arts mats. Continue reading

  • Martial Arts Mats Bring Out The Best You

    Using martial arts mats at home is a great way to keep you fit year-round, including those times between certain holidays (cough...Thanksgiving...cough...Christmas). It can be easy to give into the rush and preparation, but the focus of a home martial arts practice, including meditation, can keep you focused on patience, self-discipline, and health. Our martial arts mats are an affordable way to set aside some space in your home for just such a practice. Continue reading

  • Tradition and Protection

    Martial arts is one of those things that’s just steeped in tradition, and not much about most of the practices changes over time. When it does though, it’s usually in the name of reducing injury without reducing results. Unless you’re training with Bruce Lee, the opponent you’re typically most likely to get hurt facing is the floor, so flooring is one of the few things that you’ll want to really look at improving as you plan your martial arts practice. Fortunately, our modern era has produced some pretty exceptional martial arts mats which mimic the texture of traditional tatami flooring while cushioning and protecting the practitioner who takes a tumble. Continue reading

  • Oversized Martial Arts Mats

    When you have a lot of space to cover for martial arts practice, nothing gets the job done better than our Jumbo Martial Arts mats. These 40" x 40" mats will cover more area in less time and get you or your students practicing in no time.  Continue reading

  • Martial Arts on Your Schedule

    When you’re browsing through our website, you might get the sense that the martial arts mats we sell are sort of a studio-specific thing that doesn’t really have a place in your home. Not so! In fact, they’re are a lot like the EVA foam mats we sell, but distinguished by the tatami finish. They’re just as easy to install and remove due to the interlocking design, so there’s no reason you can’t set up a personal practice studio at your place. The fun of a home studio, especially with martial arts, is you don’t have to operate around anyone else’s schedule. Putting some tiles down is all you really need in order to get straight to work whenever you’re feeling it! Continue reading

  • Put a Professional Quality MA Studio in Your Home

    You look around the martial arts facility where you practice and think, "It would be so cool to have this at home." Well, with We Sell Mats tatami-finish martial arts mats, at least the padded flooring can be had at home. And probably for a lot less than your studio paid! Continue reading

  • The Versatile Tumbling Mat

    Think tumbling mats are just for gymnastics? Think again. We've had comments and reviews from customers about using tumbling mats for all kinds of activities, so we'd like to share a few with you. You may just realize that a tumbling mat is actually the answer to a problem you didn't even know you had! Continue reading

  • Studio-Quality Martial Arts Mats at Home

    Ever wish you could have the same martial arts mats in your home practice area as they do at your studio? (You know where this is going, right?) You can!! In fact, some of our clients are martial arts studio owners! That should speak for itself. Granted, they usually buy more than you'll need for your home, but the quality is consistent throughout our martial arts mats. Continue reading

  • When "Good Enough" Isn't

    When you're looking for martial arts mats for your home or studio, there are a few areas you shouldn't accept "good enough." You might be able to get away with "good enough" in a toilet bowl cleaner or hub caps, but when it comes to your safety in martial arts practice, "good enough" never is. Continue reading

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