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  • The Most Durable Gym Floor

    As the operator of a fitness center or gym, you’ve got costs coming out your ears, so the last thing you want to worry about is a crumbling or damaged gym floor. Weight machines, lots of foot traffic, dropped free weights - they can really take a toll on a floor. Add spilled energy drinks and protein bar crumbs and you’ve got yourself one hot mess. But with our recycled rubber flooring, you can easily afford and install your own gym-rat-proof floor without taking a chunk out of your operating budget or business hours. Continue reading

  • Gymnastics Equipment for Sale

    We Sell Mats has new gymnastics equipment for sale at affordable and discount prices. When deciding to buy new or used, the deciding factor is usually the price. Used is always cheaper than new, right? Not this time! We Sell Mats' Continue reading

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