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  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Trade Show Booth

    Nothing says holiday spirit more than a hot little trade show booth! Yeah, that might be reaching, but when it comes to your business, you take advantage of every opportunity you're given. And we're giving you one. Get your trade show booth ready for a new year of exhibitions with an upgrade to an EVA foam floor! Continue reading

  • Standing for a Living

    If you make your living on your feet every day, We Sell Mats would like to slip some soft, supportive EVA foam mats under your feet because we believe everyone should be comfortable in what they do. Continue reading

  • New Carpet Idea for Trade Shows

    If you really like the look and feel of carpet in your trade show booth but despise the rental costs, the hauling, and the backache that accompanies it, we have a suggestion. For a richly colored carpet look that is anti-fatigue, take a look at our carpet top mats. Continue reading

  • Improve Your Booth and Bottom Line

    We can't say it often enough: happy feet make for good trade show experiences. Don't believe us? Try standing on a concrete floor for 8 hours straight without sitting. Think about the people attending the trade show, too. They've been walking around that same floor for a couple of hours and might just get fatigued enough they go home before they get to your booth. Bad news all the way around. But if your feet are happy, and you provide a happy-feet oasis for the potential customers, your sales will inevitably climb. Continue reading

  • What Does Your Trade Show Booth Say About You?

    Your trade show booth design may be your only shot at getting exhibition attendees to stop and take a look, so the way you design your booth is critical to your success at the trade show. While you may be inclined to go with juggling clowns, magicians, and useless giveaways, we recommend you bring people to your booth with an elegant and professional design, including your flooring material, and let your product speak for itself.  Continue reading

  • If You Build It...

    Are trade shows something you dread participating in because of how ridiculously exhausted you feel after loading up, unloading and setting up, standing all day, then loading, transporting, and unpacking all over again? Can't say we blame you, but there is a way to make that whole process easier, more bearable, and potentially more profitable. Continue reading

  • Be Their Guide at the Next Trade Show

    People attend trade shows for a reason. Maybe it's just curiosity, maybe they're in the market for something specific, maybe they really don't know what they want. Your role as a guide in their adventure to the trade exhibition is crucial to your success and their happiness. Here's how  to be a memorable part of their experience at the show. Continue reading

  • Take Your "A" Game to the Next Trade Show

    Preparation is key to a successful trade show, and having the right foundation from which to display your product is the first thing to consider when you're in the preparation phase. How do you get the most impact from your appearance? What are your goals for a particular exhibition? Getting people to engage at your booth is your primary objective, and with classy, elegant, and comfortable wood grain EVA foam mats as the underlayment for your booth, you'll attract and retain those potential customers without having to speak a single word. Continue reading

  • Mats Make Happy Employees

    If you've ever worked retail, you know the pain of sore feet, joints, and the backache that accompanies them. As a small business owner, you might not be spending a whole lot of time on the floor, but your employees are out there taking a beating every hour of their shift. To keep them comfortable, energized, and doing their best for your business, try installing some EVA foam mats in areas where they spend a lot of time. You won't believe the difference it can make. Continue reading

  • Generate More Trade Show Leads with EVA Foam Mats

    Sound like a long shot? Not at all. Put yourself in the not-so-supportive shoes of the people attending the trade shows. They're standing and walking around on hard, cold, concrete floors that are the foundation of every trade show. If your booth offers them even a brief respite from the achiness of an unwelcoming floor, you're likely to make a great impression, even before you begin your pitch. Continue reading

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